Master Key, Week 2 Again.

For those who don’t know, the whole Master Key program is a course that teaches you how to use the most important tool you will ever own. Your brain. I used to think that I knew how to use my brain but in the last 12 months I have come to realize that I don’t know how to use it and I dare to say that 97% of the population doesn’t either. You may be asking yourself, what is this guy talking about? Well, there is an industry out there that every year sells billions of dollars in self-development courses, why is that? It is because 97% of people are looking to manifest in their lives something that they don’t have, In other words, there is a general atmosphere that they are missing something and they or should I say we? are looking for it but we are looking for it outside of ourselves. The Master Key is a program that teaches that the answer is already inside of you but we have been so polluted by the world since our birth that we have lost connection with our inner being our perfect spiritual self, our beacon. The body is dirt, the soul is either win or lost forever, but our spirit always goes back to the Creator or if you don’t believe in one I will be politically correct and call it the source of the Universe. Any way, we have this perfect golden seed inside of us and this is the reason we are so attracted to a new born baby. They are perfect and have not yet been polluted. Once we are polluted the task at hand is get rid of the dirt and get back to manifest our original unpolluted self. Our connection with our Source is thru our mind. Our mind is made of two parts the conscious and the unconscious and we have our greatest capabilities in the unconscious. As I was doing my readings this week I was again missing the capabilities of the unconscious mind but a good friend of mine was quick to point out to me paragraph 19: ” The subconscious mind perceives by intuition. Hence, its processes are rapid. It does not wait for the slow methods of conscious reasoning. In fact, it can not employ them.” It continues in paragraph 20: ” The subconscious mind never sleeps, never rests, any more than does your heart, or your blood. It has been found that by plainly stating to the subconscious mind certain specific things to be accomplished, forces are set in operation that lead to the result desired. Here, then, is a source of power which places us in touch with Omnipotence. Here in is a deep principle which is well worth our most earnest study.” We have to learn to trust our intuition and the processes of the subconscious mind but with one caveat, the conscious mind is the “watchman at the gate” and if as I was saying at the beginning we don’t think correctly our subconscious mind is led to the suggestions of wrong thinking which can never be wholesome. It is therefore imperative that we learn how to think properly. You can read all the books you want but unless your ‘tool’ is functioning well those books are not going to help anyone. This is why people keep buying book after book looking for the answer.


Master Key, Week 1 again.

So here I am. It has been a year but it feels like groundhog day. Still facing the same issues that got me started in this course last year. For the new members I am sure that sounds very discouraging.  It is not so. I believe that the answer is within and the MKMMA is the Master Key to bringing it out to light.

This year I intend to take things slower and be more deliberate and conscious when I am doing the exercises. Last year I was rushing thorough them to get them done. I read everything, I did everything but my mind was constantly busy and worrying about something else.  It isn’t any different this year. All of the issues that I could worry about last year they are still there and are worst, a lot worst. I could choose to just give up and wait for death but not ready for that yet. I am not talking about physical death but the death of my soul. That slow painful daily death that those who give up on their dreams live.

Master Key Experience, Week 19, FEAR

Haanel opens this week’s reading saying: “Fear is a powerful form of thought. It paralyzes the nerve centers, thus affecting the circulation of the blood. This, in turn, paralyzes the muscular system, so that fear affects the entire being, body, brain and nerve, physical, mental, or muscular.”

As I read this, my mind went back to those times in my life when I experienced fear.  There are so many….Starting in my childhood  when I was in fourth grade and there was a war between fourth and fifth grade.  It seemed that everyday was an occasion to experience fear. I can’t remember how or why the animosity began but I can remember that I tried with all my might to avoid being alone.  Before I continue my story I think it would be appropriate to look at one definition of fear.  fear is: An anxious feeling, caused by our anticipation of some imagined event or experience. So in this particular situation my fear was an anticipation that I would suffer physical harm or ridicule at the hands of some individuals of the fifth grade who by the way should had been in sixth grade. It was imaginary because it had never happened to me but it was real because I had seen others go thru that experience.  Experts usually tell us that there is two things that can happen when we experience fear. They talk about fight or flight. In other words either we take action against the cause of the fear we are experiencing or we run away from it.

My reaction to this fear was to flee which cause me to have the beginning of low self-esteem, which was compounded by the fact that I was always being made fun because I was overweight. This feeling of being a coward eventually pushed me to the edge. One day the object of the ridicule was my best friend since first grade who was not one to chicken out from a fight, and fight he did. I don’t know how but the next thing I remember was that I was on top of this kid,  who learned really quick that fat kids can be a problem when they are on top of you. Next thing I know my shirt was ripped off of me and I was facing the big-mean-dumb-bully who I had being fearing all this time. The only difference is that I didn’t run. I went at him with everything I had. As I ran towards him he struck me with his fist in my mouth but it was too late because the impulse I had made me fall on top of him. On the ground the battle was mine, weight has his advantages. So there is where a teacher found me, with a death grip on his neck. After that things changed in school. I was still the fat boy but now they new that I didn’t fear them any more.

The next time I remember experiencing fear was after my grandfather past away. Everyone that I loved was going to die, talk about an imaginary event, but to me it was real. The fact that my dad had to get on a plane at least twice a week compounded the fear of him dying. Every day he was flying I remember kissing him like it would be the last time. From our apartment in Madrid I could see the runways on a clear day. One early morning there was a heavy thick fog  and two planes crashed on the runway. This is how Wikipedia describes the accident.

The accident[edit]

On 7 December 1983, a Boeing 727 of Iberia (Spain’s state airline) registered EC-CFJ, operating Iberia Flight 350, a scheduled flight to Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport, was cleared for take-off from Madrid-Barajas Airport’s Runway 01 in conditions of thick fog.[1][2] At the same time, a DC-9 of Aviaco registered EC-CGS, operating Aviaco Flight 134, was taxiing to the end of the same runway for take-off bound for Santander Airport.[3] As the Boeing 727 rolled along the runway, the crew of the DC-9 accidentally made a wrong turn in the fog and taxied their aircraft onto the runway, into the path of the 727. The crew of the 727 saw the DC-9 and attempted to avoid the collision by rotating their aircraft for lift-off, however the 727 had not reached flying speed and its rear fuselage struck the DC-9.[2][3] Both aircraft caught fire and were destroyed; all 42 persons on board the DC-9 were killed, while 51 (50 passengers, 1 crew member) of the 93 on board the Boeing 727 were killed.[1][4] Among those killed in the DC-9 was Fanny Cano, a Mexican actress. Among those killed on the Boeing 727 was South African pianist Marc Raubenheimer.

I remember just hearing the sounds of the emergency vehicles. My heart beating in my chest. My dad was schedule to return that morning from Santander. At the time of the accident I didn’t know at what time he was flying back and I feared the worst. The irony of the whole thing was that the Aviaco plane was the one that was supposed to bring him home from Santander. I struggled with the fear of death for years. I never told anyone.  Eventually the fear disappeared.

Fast forward 10 years, I am now living in the U.S.A. in Tampa, Florida. I had been a few months since I came from Spain. I was a guest at my aunt’s house until I could get my own place. Can’t remember what time of the morning it was exactly but I do remember the feeling for the first time of being waken up by sudden fear. I heard my uncle scream ‘How did you get in my house?’ As I jumped out of the second level of the bunk bed I was sleeping in, I heard the noise of the physical struggle between my uncle and the intruder. I opened the door to my room and took off running towards them. I tackled the intruder by the waist and took him down landing on top of him. I remember striking his face as hard as I could which was a shocker to me because in the few fights I had ever been involved in I never hit anyone in the face. Is just not in my nature. As the guy started crying I realized he stunk like alcohol. I dragged him to the door and threw him out. This was definitely a fight not flight reaction. Later we found out that this guy lived around the corner in a house that was exactly like my uncle’s.  The poor guy thought he was in his house.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I could tell you a few more stories where is evident that there is different kinds of fear. I now know that my conditioning is to fight instead of flee in the presence of perceived physical harm, the little scared boy I was, is no longer there, or is it? What happens when the fear, is fear to disappoint those who trust you to lead them?  Well that is the fear I am battling now, and unlike all my previous battles, this one, is one that is kicking my ….  In my current endeavor, Network Marketing your success depends on making others a success, and there lies my fear. I can deal with someone telling me ‘no’ to the opportunity but my biggest fear is that they would say ‘yes’ and I wouldn’t be able to make them a success because of my own limitations. It is easier to stay as I am and not have to get out of my comfort zone and grow. So there is another reaction to fear, is called inaction. Like a deer in front of the headlights.


Master Key Experience, Week 18, Dry

I offered to help my father in-law fixed his car. I love the feeling of doing something for someone that I know they can’t do for themselves.  The job was supposed to take me perhaps 2 hours, it took me five days. As I moved components out-of-the-way in a car that is 11 years old and 170K miles, I awoke the inner electrical demons that can live a car lifeless or erratically working and not working. The mental drain of trying to figure out the problem left my brain mashed. Nothing else matter to me but getting this thing out of my drive way. All activity on my business ceased. All MKMMA was a.. ‘just get done’. My brain kept going to that car. It reminded me of why I decided to change professions and stop working on cars. I love the feeling of fixing something but I hated the dateline a whole lot more.  This stressed and self-doubt  caused me to have the hardest of times coming up with something to write about this week. This was supposed to be done 5 days ago but I couldn’t come up with something to write. Rather than just write something without value to anyone, beginning with me, I choose to  be ok with the lack of thoughts regarding this week read.

Master Key Experience, Week 17-2, Hero Journey

I liked the theme of this week. It is talking about Joseph’s Campbell Hero’s  journey. Basically, in every hero story we find a regular ‘Joe’  or ‘Jane’ who gets a call to step out of their comfort zone. This is what it is familiar and known to them. They are faced with a situation that requires them to do something that is not natural or easy for them. We have all face situations like this in our life and how we respond to them is what determines who we are and what we become.

My first year in business for myself has past and looking back 14 months ago when I decided to take the challenge and step into the unknown I can say that I did so as the person jumping out of plane for the first time, hoping that his parachute will work but not really knowing that it will. The difference is that once you jump out of the plane there is not turning back. In my case the desire to turn back was there from the beginning but I was able to silence the inner voice telling me that my parachute wasn’t going to open. Well, fast forward 14 months and I am below 2000 feet, which is the minimum recommended height to open your parachute and land safely. I am heading for disaster so I decided to get back in the plane and jump another day. At least I lived to try again. Not defeated yet.

Master Key Experience, Week 17, Dominion

Right on the book of Genesis in the Bible, chapter 1, verse 26, reads: “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.”

On the Master Key, Chapter 17.1, Haanel writes ” We are told that Man has ‘dominion over all things’; this dominion is established through Mind. Thought is the activity which controls every principle beneath it.

I had read that bible verse many times. I always thought ‘cool, God made us rulers of the earth.’ Never stopped to think much about it, until I read Haanel and all of a sudden the light went on.  Many times we have been told by Davene to look up the meaning of words, so I did. The word Dominion means control over. One synonym being Mastery. Hello!!! Master Key Experience, learning about how the 3 lbs. between our ears work. The difference between the animals and us is our brain. If we are to have dominion over creation and we exercise that dominion by using our brain, it makes sense to learn everything we can about our brain. The following may help illustrate what I am trying to say. I have always being a huge fan of all things motor racing. In order for a driver to become a true master of the art of driving an automobile as fast as possible, he needs a thorough understanding of the automobile and all its systems, engine, suspension, transmission, and so forth. In similar manner we need to be true masters of our brain to exercise dominion over all things. At least that is the thought that crossed my mind when I read this.

Master Key Experience, Week 16, Kindness

This week in the program we were asked to concentrate or focus on seeing kindness around us. I have to admit that the first thought in my head was: ‘What, what for?, really? I have better things to do.’ I immediately realized the negative nature of this thought and decided to go with it and give it my best shot. I started looking for kindness as I went into the world Monday morning and I saw that actually people  for the most part are not kind to each other. Like Mark says, I was focusing on the driver tailgating, the one cutting someone else, the one in and out of traffic, and yes  I saw that in general is hard to find kindness. Had I not being involved with this program for 16 weeks I would have left it at that but then I said to myself: ‘Let’s see what happens if you are kind even when others aren’t.’ Oh my God! What a difference that did. As soon as I did a few random acts of kindness I found I was being reciprocated but those who received them. Not always but I will say 90% of the time. This made me realize with some thing so simple that the law of Growth does work. Basically this Mental Law states that what we think about grows and what we forget atrophies. I would like to know what kind of world we would live in if we would all forced ourselves to be kind no matter what, to everyone, not just those of our skin color, or our religion, or political view, or any other characteristic that we feel identified with. Could it be that is what Jesus was trying to tell us  when he said ‘ One commandment I give you that you love one another’. He also said’ Love those who persecute you’. Well, I think that pretty much leaves us with no excuse. Perhaps we could live a day like the one in this video.

Master Key Experience, Week 15, Growth is optional

Usually I have to struggle to know what I am going to write about but not this week.

Sunday morning I got to church early since I was part of the team running the cameras. This was January 1st.  I ended up celebrating the new year. A friend of mine invited me to attend church with his family and wait the new year with his family at his house. I had such a great time that I ended staying until 2 AM. I thought I would have a hard time getting up and being awake to run the camera but I got up excited about the new year, took a shower, did my morning ritual and was out of the house sooner than usual because my wife and all of my children but one didn’t find it as easy to get up. So it was Marcos & Marcos to church.  I dropped Marcos at Kids on the Rock and went to get ready for camera. I got that done and had time to spare. A brother who plays guitar and sings in the choir and with whom I almost never have time to talk with was close by, and we started talking about the fact that we humans are the only specie on earth that is aware of a new beginning every 365 or 366 days. We are the only ones who can choose to change course. An acorn can’t do that, a dog can’t do that either, a bird migrates every year according to his blueprint but us humans we can change our blueprint if we choose to do so. So both me and Zach were thankful for this new beginning and looking forward to it. Thru the rest of my day I was aware of how much I enjoyed my 5 minute talk with him. This conversation made it to one of my 3 gratitude items for the day. The next morning as every Monday I started a new part of the Master Key, part 15, and in 15-4 I read “Growth is attained through an exchange of the old for the new, of the good for the better; it is a conditional or reciprocal action, for each of us is a complete thought entity and this completeness makes it possible for us to receive only as we give.”  This completed the thought. As humans we can choose to stagnate or grow, and we choose whether I want to be an attorney, a doctor, or any other profession; we can be single or married or just live with someone;  but in all this changes one thing is for sure you have to be willing to kill the old and take on the new. My whole life I heard sermons about Luke 9:24 which reads in the King James Bible “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.” I never like that verse and most of the preaching I heard about it had a view of it that made me like it even less. As I read Haanel, all of sudden it hit me. If you want to change you have to lose ‘it’, you can’t hold on to your current mess and aspire to achieve your dream life. You are going to have to make changes, some of which are going to feel like you are dying because…. you are. A trapezist has to let go of one trapeze before he can grab a hold of the next one, if he decides to not do so he will never move on and the indecision could cost him his life. So we either put our skills, mind, heart and bodies through change and growth or we will stagnate, rot, and die, as Og Mandino mentions on scroll IV of “The greatest salesman”.

Master Key Experience Week 14, The Lost week

As I am writing this the first day of 2017 is coming to an end. This post  should have been written two days or more ago. Since I started the program 14 weeks ago this is the first week that I didn’t post by the ‘due date’. On Christmas day I woke up at 5 a.m. and follow my morning schedule of reading the MKMMA materials ( index cards, 7 laws of the mind, Og, Master Key, Sit), Bible reading, prayer, exercise warm-up, calisthenics, and my special recipe of high intensity 8 minute weight lifting blast all while listening to my recording. After that cool down walk and stretching and my power smoothie breakfast.  Wake up everyone else, shower and go to church. We made the boys wait to get their presents opened until we came back. It was the first time Caleb was opening his own presents since he is only two and it took what seemed an eternity. My dad bought the kids a mini bike. One of those lawn mower engine crutch rockets. I put it together and went out to enjoy watching them ride it wishing I was 10 and 7 again. My dad probably bought the bike more for me than for the kids. According to my mom I wasn’t even two yet and they knew were my heart was, cars and motorcycles. I admit I have this dream that perhaps one of my children would become a motorcycle or car racer of the highest caliber. After we came in, I realized that the time went by fast. It was almost five and we had not eaten or drink anything for more that 4 hours. I also realized that I had not done my midday reading. I fixed something to eat and got to it. I suddenly felt really tired and my eyes started closing while trying to read. Finished reading and realized I was drained, I felt like I had no energy left, I decided to watch the Steelers game. First game I watch all season. I became aware that something wasn’t right my body was aching from toe to head. After the game I went to bed. No reading, no Guy in the Glass just went to bed. During the night I felt abnormally cold and couldn’t get warm. Got up and put a shirt on and some sweat pants since I don’t own any pajamas. Went back to bed and woke up again in a pool of sweat. My eyes usually open up before 5 on their own but not this time. I slept thru to 8 am. I told my wife I didn’t feel good but had no symptoms of being sick other than aches and a desire to just close my eyes and keep sleeping. Fast forward 5 days, no improvement, and not only that all the boys got sick. They did have coughing, leaky nose and leaky butts, not me. Just drained, tired and achy. I went to the doctor who prescribed a generic antibiotic since there was no sign of any viral infection. During those 5 days I didn’t find the energy to do any of my readings or daily activities. This made me go back to the thoughts of last week about the mind controlling the body and its health. The only thing that I was aware of is that not feeling well gave my old blueprint a license to come back with a vengeance and now I had a guilt trip and a sense of failure. I started to think that I was sabotaging myself unconsciously, after all I had no physical symptoms that I could show to a doctor. The morning of new year eve I woke up past 5 again, I had given up on setting an alarm as I was just turning it off and going back to sleep. As soon as my feet touch the floor I knew the spell was gone. 3 days on antibiotics had done something but again was it that or my old blueprint trying to get me to give up.  I took a shower and got ready to celebrate the new year.   I don’t know whether or not I had a ‘bug’ but I do know that there is a ‘bug’ in my head that don’t want to die and I am more determined now to ‘kill it ‘ with the right ‘pill’.

(DMP+PMA/MK+POA+MMA) taken 3 times minimum daily. Happy and blessed 2017 to all of you.


Master Key Experience Week 13

The text this week was a bit dense for me. After reading it for 5 days the two first pages are still a little thick for me to digest. I did find a part that jumped of the page and has been roaming in the back of my mind since my first read.

In section 15 Haanel says, “It will be found that the creative power of thought will explain every possible condition or experience, whether physical, mental or spiritual”. Quite frankly this has been a tough one for me to agree with, specifically the physical part. At the age of 20 I was riding as a passenger on my friends motorcycle. He used to park it in an underground garage. As we were approaching the exit, a car got ahead of us. The door to this specific garage was a very heavy door that hinged from the top of the door and it will open by folding in two. My friend decided that instead of waiting for the car to exit and wait for the door to close so we could open it again, he was going to follow the car and beat the door before it closed. He didn’t think that perhaps there would be a pedestrian or  traffic that could impede the preceding car progress, and so it happened that the car came to a stop because of a pedestrian and we were caught behind the laser that triggers the door to stop. The door started to come down and at the last second my friend was able to move forward but me being a tad taller and being on the back got hit with the door on my helmet. I remember feeling the hit and the compression on my neck. My friend managed to keep the bike upright and came to a stop on the sidewalk. I told him I was fine. Later that night I had to drive from Barcelona to Seville with my parents and my brothers. Back then the roads where ‘fun’, there was no highway and a distance of 623 miles that today could be covered in less than  9 hours back then, 1991, took 12 hours. We drove this leaving around 5 O’clock in the evening, after a whole day in college. We were driving two cars since we were 6 of us, my parents and me and my 3 brothers. I followed my dad for the whole night. All of a sudden I started feeling a tension on my shoulders that I had never felt before. I will save you all the details but that day change me physically for ever. More than a dozen doctors and chiropractors have been seen and consulted in 25 years. I have been scanned and x-ray so many times that at one point I thought I was going to start glowing at night. I have learned to live with it. I gave up on doctors five years ago and I definitely decided not to be living on pain medication of any type. Not even over the counter. Most days are just a little annoyance but then there is others where I get stressed out or physically tired where all of a sudden and with little warning my neck locks up. There have been episodes where even my arms are affected. So I guess you can understand why I have more than an issue with this  little paragraph.. I can’t see how my mental attitude has anything to do with it. The only thing that I can think applies to this situation is that my mental attitude determines whether I deal with it in a positive manner or I wallow in self-pity, which I did for a while. Now  I choose the former and I have learned how to care for it. To be quite honest a little yellow pill has made my last 18 months so much better although not perfect. Some days my enthusiasm for weight lifting  and riding my motorcycle gets the best of me and I pay the price with higher pain levels for a couple of days. Both activities I had given up on but I have not had any single lock event since I found this pill. In any case, I am still baffled by this part of the text. Is Haanel implying that we can control all disease with our mind? Perhaps my prayers for relief were answered by the universe in the form of a pill.